About Westaal

Goedendag! My name is Ralf Knippenburg. I chose the name Westaal for my Dutch language courses in Aachen and the surrounding area. As a native speaker of Dutch I teach at the technical university (RWTH) and Volkshochschule (VHS). In my Dutch lessons, I emphasise speaking skills: with both beginners and advanced learners I speak Dutch at the right speed and with straightforward vocabulary. We also practice grammar and for participants studying for a NT2 or CNaVT exam, I have specific training material. Feel free to contact me in case of any questions or stop by for an introductory meeting.

Ralf_PolaroidMy classroom is in Aachen, where I have now been living for ten years. Before, I studied Communications Science in Nijmegen, Netherlands, and I worked in Amsterdam, Dublin and Rome. Originally, I’m from Rosmalen, a municipality of the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The distance from Aachen is approx. 150 km (93 miles). However, if you want to hear Dutch, you don’t have to drive all this distance from Aachen.

The old “Karelsstad” (city of the emperor Charlemagne) is a true border city and it’s easy to pay a visit to the Netherlands or Dutch-speaking Belgium (Flanders). The nearby town of Vaals is not even 5 km (3 miles) from Aachen’s historic city centre, and the university city of Maastricht is also close. Then again: in Aachen itself you can hear Dutch in the streets. Would you like to learn Dutch? Westaal is there for you!

Besides being a teacher, I’m also an official Aachen tour guide, translator (from German or English into Dutch) and a seo content-project manager. My knowledge of German, English, Italian, French and Dutch come in handy for this work. To intensify the contact between Germans and the Dutch, I´m also a moderator, together with Alexandra Kleijn, at the Online Buurtaal Forum “Niederländisch für Deutsche – Deutsch für Niederländer” aktiv.

For more information, have a look at my profile on XING, LinkedIn or Facebook.